Semax-Sistemas Electrónicos e Manutenção Lda
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Electronic Systems and Maintenance


About us

Semax, Sistemas Electrónicos e Manutenção, Lda, founded on November 16, 2005, consists of a young and dynamic team with experience in the installation and maintenance of various equipment, based on quality representations.

The company is based on solid values such as; honesty, entrepreneurship, responsibility and quality, aiming to consolidate and expand its position in the regional market by developing and providing high quality services in order to create synergies in view of the specific needs of various market segments, thus contributing to the success of customers.

It has in air conditioning an area of great importance, as more and more energy efficiency, versatility and design of air conditioning equipment have more ground, both in the industrial sector and in the housing sector.
Renewable energy is also a strong focus of the company, being aware of the dependence and scarcity of fossil fuels, and reduce CO2 emissions, Semax markets solutions in the Solar Thermal area, such as water heating, pool heating, and the production of electricity through photovoltaic systems, thus consolidating its market position.

Motorizations and Automatic Doors, Security, Central Vacuum and other equipment are also part of the range of products we sell.

In addition to commercialized products Semax also performs specialty projects, monitoring and work supervision.